Vote No! Because Albuquerque Ordinance was Written by East Coast Lawyers

The PROPOSED sick leave ORDINANCE was written by New York City lawyers and union bosses behind closed doors and without any public input or review. Then they recruited local Albuquerque organizing groups to present their ordinance to the public as a petition for “sick leave”. This 7 page ordinance is more than sick leave, there are costly provisions protecting unions from complying and encouraging lawsuits.

It’s not fair that big unions can avoid this mandate while other local businesses have to comply with these costly requirements that will threaten jobs.

Is it any wonder why these same lawyers and union bosses didn’t want the entire text put before the voters? They didn’t want you, the Albuquerque voter, to see the hidden protections and legal pitfalls in this ordinance.

The public has had no say in designing this sick leave policy. There have been no public hearings and no opportunity for voters, businesses, or our elected officials to have their say. We should take the time to design a sick leave policy that will work for all of Albuquerque.

Vote NO on the fine print “PROPOSED ORDINANCE” on the back of the ballot – Don’t skip this question… VOTE NO!