Requiring paid sick leave will hurt Hispanics –

Requiring paid sick leave will hurt Hispanics

By ERNIE C’DE BACA / Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce

Requiring paid sick leave will deprive many Hispanics of accomplishing the American dream of (owning) businesses.

The proposed Bernalillo County Paid Sick Leave Ordinance will create a disproportionate hardship on Hispanics who own small businesses and the Hispanic and poor populations that they serve. The ordinance that the County Commission is considering would require businesses with even two employees to provide paid sick leave. It would apply to all businesses in the East Mountains, and the South and North Valley, as well as those required to get a license from Bernalillo County to do business.

When Congress passed the FMLA over 25 years ago, it exempted small businesses and did not require employers to provide paid sick leave. Even Congress recognized the public policy of balancing the required sick leave with the unique hardships it creates on small business even when sick leave is unpaid. This proposed Bernalillo County ordinance ignores these hardships entirely and makes no exceptions for small businesses. For these reasons, the (“AHCC”) has joined other business organizations in opposing the proposed ordinance.

The AHCC specifically opposes the proposed ordinance because it will create a disparate impact on the Hispanic Community in Albuquerque. Proponents have ignored these hardships and instead portray all businesses and those who oppose the ordinance as being against caring for sick families. This could not be further from the truth, especially for a small Hispanic-owned business.

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