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Editorial: Vote ‘AGAINST’ this unhealthy ordinance

By Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 at 12:05am If you read just the first two paragraphs of the proposed Healthy Workforce Ordinance – which would “allow employees to accrue and use sick leave,” and claims “49% of private sector workers and 77% of part-time workers lack paid sick time, which compels them to work when they should be recuperating from illness or injury and increases the risk of passing illness to others” – you’d probably vote for it. We sure would. But if you read the entire 1,900-word document, chock-full of legalese and crammed onto the back of the Oct. 3 municipal election ballot in type so small many voters will need a magnifying glass, you’ll find plenty of reasons not to. (Be sure to look at the back of the ballot because that’s where you pencil in your “For”‘ or “Against” circle. And voters, especially those worried about working folks, should pencil in “Against.”) This is a bad ordinance crafted by special-interest groups to circumvent city government. Click Here to Read Complete Editorial