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Editorial: Foam ban, sick leave redux not ready for prime time

If at first you don’t succeed, try again – in a different jurisdiction. Just weeks after Albuquerque city councilors dumped a controversial plan to ban foam carry-out food containers, Bernalillo County has pulled it out of the trash.

A recap on the city’s plastics ban: Albuquerque councilors originally floated the foam container ban as part of a larger ordinance that also restricted single-use plastic bags and plastic straws. Restaurateurs fought back, arguing it presented too heavy a financial burden too quickly. City councilors listened, backed off the carry-out foam and straw portions and passed restrictions on single-use plastic bags that exempt restaurants….

Sick-leave plan ignores business concerns

But wait, there’s more. The city and the county are considering coordinated proposals requiring nearly all businesses with at least two employees to offer paid sick leave, including part-time and seasonal workers. They would accrue at least 1 hour for every 30 hours worked. The leave could be used for the employee or a family member, up to and including someone they have a close personal tie to.

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