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Trick Leave: Written by Lawyers for Lawyers

If anyone has read the 2000 word “trick leave” ordinance, they would easily come to the conclusion that it is written by lawyers for lawyers. The protections for workers are thinly-veiled land mines for employers to get tripped up on and land in court facing their employees, now their accuser. The “trick leave” ordinance allows […]

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What YOU need to know about the proposed Albuquerque Healthy Workforce Ordinance

As soon as this fall, Albuquerque voters may be voting for mandatory paid sick leave for all Albuquerque employees based solely upon a brief, inadequate, 4-sentence petition description of a broad-reaching and harmful Ordinance. The so-called Healthy Workforce Ordinance would require all employers, big and small, to provide all employees within the city with paid […]

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Your Current PTO Policy…Gone

Under the dictates of the 7-page ordinance there is a statement that “An employer with a paid leave policy that meets or exceeds the requirements of this Ordinance is not required to provide additional paid sick leave or in any way reduce benefits provided to employees.” However…the devil is in the details… Most employers’ existing […]

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