Don't be tricked.  
The PROPOSED sick leave ORDINANCE will harm Albuquerque workers and businesses.  
Vote NO on the proposed ordinance.

Sick Leave for Everyone Sounds Great, So What's the Catch?

What YOU need to know about the proposed Albuquerque Healthy Workforce Ordinance
As soon as this fall, Albuquerque voters may be voting for mandatory paid sick leave for all Albuquerque employees based[...]
Your Current PTO Policy…Gone
Under the dictates of the 7-page ordinance there is a statement that "An employer with a paid leave policy that[...]
Vote No! Because Albuquerque Had No Public Input
​The public has had no say in designing the PROPOSED sick leave ORDINANCE. There have been no public hearings and[...]
Vote No! Denver Rejected and So Should Albuquerque
No other city in the entire country has a sick leave policy as expensive and expansive as this ordinance. Other[...]
Vote No! Because It Hurts Small Businesses in Albuquerque
This ordinance will be especially hard on small businesses that are already struggling to make ends meet. The last thing[...]
Vote No! Because Albuquerque Ordinance was Written by East Coast Lawyers
The PROPOSED sick leave ORDINANCE was written by New York City lawyers and union bosses behind closed doors and without[...]

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